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Coaching for you

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  1. Career Coaching - need of new career or support how to take next step on your career (Business to Business and Business to Consumer)
  2. Education Consulting - Education development project support and coaching (Business to Business)
  3. HRD - HR coaching and development services (Business to Business)
  4. Coaching - coaching services in field of business coaching. Goal setting (goaling) for business (Business to Business)


Worlwide coaching services

Coaching, counselling, consulting or something else? What is your challenge? Together we figure out what sort of situation and challenge walk with you and we pick a appropriate dialogue tool how to solve it. Then is TopGoaling Time - We walk with, we talk with you and do what is needed. Together with you we set appropriate goals and roadmap for your project. We stand by you and find a way how to take a next step and build goals (goaling) for you. What we need to do is start a trip. 

Ask quotation our worlwide career and business coaching or counselling services. Our distance Coaching sessions are available on one-to-one and small group basis via electronic communications phone, googlemeets, Teams and Zoom. Our sessions can varify from 30 min to 2 hours coaching sessions. Also coaching style education session are available. 

We stand by you



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